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Friday, September 20, 2013

Serenity's "Alter Ego's"

Alter Ego's

This is amazingly my first ever sequenced concept shoot of any real length. I have done plenty of one off pics, and "Sets", usually me in a bikini or naked on a beach. Mostly because the movies we produce were very involved, with stories, plots, and lots of editing and effects. So my photography was by intention the complete reverse, just a relaxing pass time. I hope you enjoy this one. I will be releasing plenty more stand alone Barbie pics I have in the near future too. This is the initial little sequence i put out, along with one bonus picture, not yet seen!

Alter Ego's is really about not being afraid to explore things and be what you want to be. However, it is also about not being afraid to be yourself too, and look and live how you want.

You can be fabulous, and sexy and be all you! You can have excitement being everything and all you want to be too.

Alter Ego's 2

Alter Ego's 3

Alter Ego's 4

Alter Ego's 5

Alter Ego's 6

Bonus Picture Gallery Below.

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