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Saturday, March 31, 2012


I posed for a photoshoot for Jinx Jiersen with the lovely, and very sexy Deelite Zenovka this week. I managed to snap a couple of pics before hand, while she got herself ready. Down on the beach at Erotique.

Deelite was changing hair, and not clothes ready for the shoot..Sorry Blog readers. However, i think she looks amazing!

Deelite Zenovka, not really dressed in traditional beach wear for our beach..but who cares!?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PORNSTARS BLOG : THE SEXIEST® Behind The Scenes Special

Erotique Co Owner, Louise Silverweb was featured on the Official Pornstar's blog in this wonderful "Sexiest" Special. Lou has worked hard behind the scenes on all our movie projects at Erotique, and it's great to see her acknowledged in this way.

Among Lou's long list of credits, are 2 Sexiest Award nominations, in 2010, and 2011, for story, and set building. Also many peoples favourite movie set, the bar in Pron! Plus cameo appearances in the award winning movies, Erotique Paradise Isle, and Pron - The Encounter.

The hot, and sexy Lou has recently completed her first ever sex and nude scenes on a movie, in Erotique's latest production. So keep checking our blogs for news of this up coming feature!

And now the article, as it was published.....

They say that behind every good man...there is a woman. In the case of the women of Erotique Porn Productions there is, indeed, a woman behind them....and her name is Louise Silverweb. Lou has been responsible for many of the sets you see in EPP movies and for some of the scripts. You may even see her pop up as an extra....but we thought we'd drag her out of the shadows for a change :)

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favorite position and why?

Louise Silverweb:  Any position you like as long as it's with Brad Pitt, in a beach Cabana, in the Maldives.

Jinx Jiersen: What is your least favorite position and why?

Louise Silverweb:  Giving birth, its painful !

Jinx Jiersen: What turns you on?  

Louise Silverweb: Romantic candlelit dinners with a fine bottle of wine and my partner naked opposite me.

Jinx Jiersen: What turns you off?

Louise Silverweb: bBad breath, BO, and Oafish arrogant guys.

Jinx Jiersen: 5. What sound do you love?

Louise Silverweb: ''Hello darling, I'm feeling horny, lets go to bed''

Jinx Jiersen: What sound do you hate?

Louise Silverweb: My alarm clock, every work morning!

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favorite curse word?

Louise Silverweb: Hmmm depends if said in Pain or Ecstacy. Actually no it doesnt . Oh My Fucking God!!! tends to fit the bill.

Jinx Jiersen: What was your favourite role? 

Louise Silverweb: I havent had a role apart form a cameo as I tend to be behind the scenes. But for sheer screen presence, Serenity Juneberry in The wrong side of town is hard to beat.

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favourite movie?

Louise Silverweb: Of the movies ive worked on so far it has to be Pandoras Box.

Jinx Jiersen: How did you get started in the Adult Movie Industry?

Louise Silverweb: I have been involved with my business partner Serenity Juneberry from the start, developing movie ideas and Film sets behind the scenes.

Jinx Jiersen: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Louise Silverweb: This one is beyond redemption. Save her for my day off.!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Louise & Coco At The Club Erotique Beach

Shooting for the latest Erotique Porn Productions movie, gave me the chance to use some of the blue screen captures of Louise and Coco to produce these pictures.

Erotique Co Owner, Louise Silverweb
Blended onto photographs of the Erotique Beach i took last week. These images of Coco and Lou were taken from video sequences to be used in our latest movie.

Coco Silverweb

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Louise Silverweb ( Erotique Co Owner. ) Uploaded a stunning photograph to Flickr this week. It gives us our first peek at the Erotique beach ( and other things. )

Along with a brand new night club, Erotique has it's very own intimate beach area. With love bed in the Cabana, Chill out/cuddle camp fire, a very naughty air bed in the swimming pool, and a couples dance area.

Expect lots more pictures from this new feature.