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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Movie - The Interview

The third movie from Erotique Porn Productions. A real team effort, saw Louisered Faulds write the story and script, also building the excellent film set, wonderfully acted by Arwen Juneberry, who also contributed with some amazing shot selections, and finally, acted, directed and edited by me, Serenity. This was great fun to make, and a real evolution for us. A nice, fun story, and some nice action!

Arwen is a pretty innocent young girl just out of college. Desperate for a job she soon finds herself at the mercy of a beautiful and powerful business woman. Serenity has Arwens fate in her hands....And before too long she has everything else this naive young girl has to offer!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Movie! - Arwen's Relaxation Break

Arwen takes a break from her sexy dance routine to read her steamy novel. However, a horny young girl, with an erotic story, meeting a dark well hung stranger proves too much to resist!

This is the second movie from "Erotique Porn Productions" We intend to cast many of our Erotique staff in our future projects. Any girls seeking roles would be most welcome to join our staff.

Also we have the exciting prospect of guests being able to aquire a "Porn Star Pass" by contacting Serenity kristan, or Louisered Faulds, to feature in our movies!This along with private movie commissions for couples gives many exciting new aspects to our club's future.