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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Looking Back At Erotique's Blue Gallery

Bewitched Difference
The Erotique Gallery is shortly opening it's next exhibit, with a new gallery theme 'Surrender'. So i thought it was a great time to look back at the last one. 'Blue'. With an online version of the in world Gallery. The Blue theme was won by 'Be' with Rachel Swallows a close second.

Huge thanks to everybody who submitted a Blue photograph for our gallery. It made it a very special event. We really hope you will join in the next theme. 'Surrender'. read more on the new theme HERE!

Mirko Panacek and Tatiana Easterwood. ( Mirko )


Katina Cazalet. By Kei Frequency.

Yana Grau.

Chloe Deimatov.

 Laura Demonista.

Tatiana Easterwood.

Zuby Gloom.

Rachel Swallows.

Envy Watts. By Chrissy Zipper.

Eva Brunswick.

jewell Shinja.

 Jadelyn McAuley-Stratford.

 Featuring Mirko Panacek. By Louise Kristan Faulds.



Zaria Velde.

Spirit Eleonara.

Lunedor Oryl.

Sweet Melons.
Erika Thorkveld.

( If some how your 'Blue' picture is missing. Please let me know. I'll be happy to add it. )