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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Louise Kristan-Faulds 'Sapphic Intent' Comic Book.

I am really proud to Blog this great Comic Book adaptation of Louise's recent 'Pornstars Coupling' shoot. Starring myself and Kirsten Smith.

Louise is always looking to do new things in her photography work, and i always felt this genre was perfectly suited to her creative skills. So I'm really looking forward to future projects and stories coming out of Erotique in this format.

This really is a top quality first attempt. Hinting at sexy, and fun things to come!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lou & Sere @ Sunday's Pool Party : Exclusive Pics!

Some extra shots to those published on the 'Hello! Pornstars!" Blog feature on the Pornstars Blog. Featuring myself and Louise.

From our Sunday Pool Party at Club Erotique. Held every week! Look out for SLurl's and announcements in the Pornstars Group.

Sere and Lou lurking in the background. Behind BigDaddy 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Erotique Gallery New Theme : 'Transform'

The new theme for the Erotique Gallery will be 'Transform'

These themes have proved to be very popular and have sparked a lot of interest . We invite you all to produce and submit new pictures to our gallery using this subject.. For this theme we will have the added feature of adding your picture to a special Flickr page created for the gallery. We also no longer insist that pictures are exclusive leaving photographers free to post their submissions on Flickr if they wish.

This theme can be interpreted so many ways. As long as the photograph is linked to some form of transformation the only limit is your own imagination.

Bear in mind the gallery promotes Erotic works but that aside any interpretation is welcome. We just want you to get your creative thoughts working overtime

We will add your pictures from now through until the end of October. Although the earlier the better if you'd like your picture hanging on our wall during the build up and seen at our Gallery parties. As usual we'll be sharing the donations made to the exhibition for the period of the 'Transform' with the winner, and awarding a L$ prize with other top prizes when the judges select their top choice.

We look forward to seeing your photographs. Please send full perm for exhibiting to myself  'Louise Kristan-Faulds' or 'Serenity Kristan-Faulds' In Second Life.

During the final week of this theme participants will be able to enter a 'free to enter' photo contest board with the highest voted pictures making our final for judging the eventual winner!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Erotique Porn : Star Wars Movie Casting Now.

Ever since Erotique hosted the 'May The Fourth' Pornstars Party and Gallery I've really wanted to go back and revisit the Star Wars Universe with a Second Life Porn movie. In late summer I felt it was a good time to start planning it with Louise.

So, we've now begun work on a Star Wars parody, and we're in production right now! It has been slow going as the opening scenes require a lot of visuals, but it is really fun, and inspiring, giving us lots of ideas as we go along.

One idea is to have a casting call at this point. As we have scenes to shoot and plan which will be great with extras, guest spots, and cameo roles. Casting some will help shape and plan those scenes.

If you have a star wars costume, or avatar, and you would like to appear in Erotique Porn's Star wars parody movie we would like you to get a snapshot of yourself in the outfit/avatar, and fill out the note card being sent out in The Pornstars Group in Second Life, and send it to us.

We do not need jedi, or Darth Vader. We would be interested in Slave Girls, Droids, Aliens, Monsters, Storm Troopers, other Imperials, and other Star Wars Characters/Inspired Characters.

We cannot promise huge roles for everyone, as we need everything from guest stars, to extras, to cameo roles. This will all depend on what the characters are and how and where they fit in the film. This is also likely to be not a quick production, so if you cannot stand to wait, it's not ideal.

We may get too many responding, we may not get enough, some costumes may not be needed or we may get too many of one type, this will come down to 'first come first serve' on the casting. We'll see how it goes and hopefully have some fun!

Thank you for taking the time to read, and thank you to those that apply.

Serenity & Louise. xox