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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On The Wrong Side Of Town - Hard & Rough Cut

A new more condensed version of the movie came out this week.So far, it's seen twice the popularity in a fraction of the time..and see's us well and truly off on our learning curve of what works, and what does not!

I am delighted to have been contacted in SL by people i've never met passing on very kind words about the video. Also well respected SL pornstars and film makers too.

I know for sure, we are entering into a fun, interesting, and sexy SL community. I hope to contribute much more to it, and enjoy every moment!

See the new cut of the movie below.

Bit Torrent Link

Jennnna Jameson Review's Our Movie!

I was extremely flattered, and blown away by Jennnna's review on her popular Blog.

Read Jennnnna's Blog Entry Here.

I urge everybody to view her latest movie below which is already a massive hit online. I love it..even if it does make me yearn for my partner when she's offline! Giggles.

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