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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Erotique Star Wars - Meet The Cast

Without the awesome cast for this film it would have fallen well short on the diversity needed to create the end result. Well known Star Wars looks, and characters were essential. Each cast member helped a huge amount to give the movie its finished look.

This Blog Post throws the spotlight on each cast member ( In no particular order. ). Giving them the thanks they deserve.

Serenity Kristan-Faulds
One of our fugitive jedi's goes under cover.

Louise Kristan-Faulds
Jedi L'ou. Making the best of things at Jabba's Palace.

Parthenea 'Partee' Mytilene.
Partee, along with Ali appeared in some of the earliest scenes to be filmed. One of two sexy slave girls out for some fun in the Tatooine Desert.

Ali Lancrae
Filming could not have got off to a better start. Ali and Partee providing us with two of the Pornstars sexiest actresses.

Edvard Taurion
Edvard plays a pretty devious and very horny guard of Jabba The Hutt!

Jinx Jiersen
Dashing scoundrel Jinx is on his way to rescue or capture our Jedi heroes?

Mirko Panacek
One area where we have the real Star Wars beat! Our Cantina Barman is much better looking!

VĂ©ronica HotBlond
We had the honor of giving Veronica her movie debut. As a sexy Cantina patron.

Bewitched Difference
Be plays a Cantina dancer girl. Who is more than happy to take part in the floor show!

Rachel Swallows
Rachel is one of the Cantina's naughty guests! Inspired by the live sex show!

Randy Cantina patron Crow. Soon gets into the swing of things.

Ashley ( Amosa Suger plum. )
A super sexy Cantina Dancer girl. Ashley really helped set the scene.

Moonie sexes up Jabba's Palace as a very hot Slave Girl!

Ryu Quasimodo
Ryu was such a natural! In his role as one of Jabba's horny henchmen.

Rachel Christine Avro
Rache provided us with even more of a sexy back drop to Jabba's Palace as another dancing Slave Girl.

Kelli Kristan
A Twi'lek with something extra! Kelli looked awesome as another of Jabba's girls.

Kirsten Smith
The sexiest Clone Trooper. Kirsten appears multiple times in many scenes of the movie. More from her in part 2!

Katina Cazalet
Kat not only provided yet another sexy slave girl for Jabba. But also played iconic characters Boba Fett and Darth Vader!

Yana Grau
A suitably sexy cameo for Yana. getting the party started in Jabba's Palace!

Sam Hanks
Sam landed to watch the threesome in the Cantina being shot with Be, Rachel, and Crow. We wanted to give him a role though. So he put together this awesome outfit. Appearing as a Cantina guest.

Watch The Movie

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Erotique Porn : Star Wars - Tatooine Encounter

Thanks to all our cast who have been very patient, and put in such amazing effort for this movie. I am pleased i managed to get 'Part 1' finished in 2014!

Even though it's only half the original script. It is still a bit of an epic. Running at just over 30 minutes. There is a story running through it, and various locations, characters, and scenes. So i hope it holds your attention for the full duration! Huge thanks to Louise too, aside from her sexiness making the movie extra special her pose making skills allowed the story to not deviate at all or compromise.

Special Thanks to to Warm Animations. Who supported our project and supplied us with some amazing animations for the film.

I must once again thank a truly amazing cast. Our cast in their entirety were extremely dedicated and super sexy! Twenty Second Life Pornstars Putting together superb looks which helped the movie so much.

Cast List.

Louise Kristan-Faulds.

Serenity Kristan-Faulds.

Ali Lancrae.

Parthenea 'Partee' Mytilene.

Edvard Taurion.

Jinx Jiersen.

Mirko Panacek.

VĂ©ronica HotBlond.

Bewitched Difference.

Sam Hanks.

Rachel Swallows.


Ashley - Amosa Sugarplum.

Moonie Quasimodo.

Ryu Quasimodo.

Rachel Christine Avro.

Kelli Kristan.

Kirsten Smith.

Katina Cazalet.

Yana Grau.

Watch The Movie Here!

Making The Movie.

I really wanted to tick some boxes and include certain things which i felt were essential to make this a 'Star Wars' film. First off the opening text, 'A Long Time Ago...' and the famous 'Opening Crawl' The yellow scrolling text. I spent about a week getting this as authentic as i could! I also wanted a space scene as the first shots. This i made with some of my own CGI animations created in Blender and 3D Studio Max, along with some from Youtube.

It had to have some Light Saber action! which it opens with. Some CGI Storm Troopers get the brunt of that. I also wanted some Star Wars vehicles and cool stuff like that. Including emulating briefly some of my favourite scenes from Return Of The Jedi with Speeder bikes! Also lucky Jinx gets a Land Speeder.

Another visual effect i really wanted to try was the familiar Star Wars Holograms. Luckily the effect worked well enough to become a big plot device, allowing me to tell the story the way i really wanted to.

Such a large cast was way too much for my poor old PC to handle on set at the same time. Rachel Swallows, Crow, Be, and Sam Hanks were the biggest number of Pornstars on set at the same time. Aside from those four, every time you see a scene with more than two people those cast have been filmed against Blue Screen and added in.

This over came problems of having the cast all together in scenes. Which is a scheduling night mare. Many cast members were not online at the same time. Blue Screen filming allowed me to compose them all into the Cantina and Jabba's Palace, or The Star Destroyer bridge later in Adobe After Effects.

This also allowed for Visuals effects, such as 'Cloning' multiple Kirsten Smith Storm Troopers! Mixing cast with CGI characters. As well as re creating  what looks like traditional scenes in world.

Now Part 1 is finished i am happy i managed to blend traditional Star Wars elements, visual effects, and lots of sci fi sex! I think myself and Louise managed to make a Star Wars movie and a Second Life Porn movie. That hopefully manages to tell a fun story along the way. Which will be picked up at a later date in part two. I have no idea when production will begin, i have to have a very long period of real life being free to have a window for a project like this. I hope one day to finish the story or trilogy! Please though, don't ask me to make prequels!

I hope you enjoy the movie.

Serenity. x

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tatooine Encounter - Chapter One - Coming Soon!

Fingers crossed! Our first Star Wars movie is finished! As of the time of writing this i have the end credits to produce, then stitch all the edited sections together in a final render.

Obviously we have Christmas looming and i am taking a break from the computer for a few days. However we are on track to release before January 1st 2015, meaning if any actors wish to enter The Sexiest awards, all being well, you will be able to. Barring a disaster all should be ok!

This was going to be one epic single movie, but it soon became obvious the amount of cast, plot, and the volume of sex! Meant it could not be completed this side of new year or inside a desired running time. So this will be 'Chapter 1' Of 'Tatooine Encounter'. If you were cast and do not appear, you are in 'Chapter 2'.

All those cast members shot so far will be seen again in more focus in a separate stand alone video 'Erotique Star Wars - Revisited'. Which will return for a more in depth look at the sex, cast, and characters shot for the movie. Giving everybody involved extra screen time without the restrictions of the main movie. This should be released early in the new year, between Chapters One and Two.

Encounter On Tatooine - Chapter One. Ends on a cliff hanger. Meaning Chapter Two will pick up immediately where Chapter One left off. Introducing some new characters, and following the adventures of some of those seen in the first film.

I'd like to thank everybody who appeared in the first movie. You were amazing! The costumes and your enthusiasm made it an even more fun project to produce. Huge thanks also to Warm animations who helped to dial up the hotness with some superb donated animations for the film. Their support helped make it special.

Look out for more news right here on The Erotique Blog!

Serenity. xox

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More T-Girl Tuesday! Today : Dec16

Christmas is coming! So too are the Erotique T-Girls most likely!

Today at Club Erotique! T Girl Tuesday! Starting 1.00pm SLT With DJ Yana.

Last week It was wonderful to see some of our most beautiful shemales and their admirers congregate together at Erotiques T girl themed club.

With DJ Yana providing the music, the crowd soon got into the groove and took full advantage of the dancing areas and those facilities providing more intimate fun.

This event will become a regular feature on a Tuesday and plans are afoot to provide more events for different time zones.

At the moment the events are staged from 1 to 3pm SLT every Tuesday. So put it in your diary and come and enjoy for yourself!

Serenity & Louise. xox

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Force Will Awaken In Erotique's Star Wars Movie

With Star Wars 'The Force Awakens' teaser trailer making its debutrecently i thought it was a good time for Erotique Porn do some teasing of its own. With a selection of screen shots from our 'Erotique Star Wars Movie'. A Second Life porn fan film parody. Which should by the time of it's completion feature around 30 members of the SL porn scene, across a two part story.

My ( only ) hope....Is to have Part One out this December in time for Christmas ( But don't hold me to that! ) This i think is the one and only area i can get one up on JJ Abrams hugely anticipated movie ( Don't worry 'JJ' does not stand for Jar Jar. ). Releasing ours a full 12 months ahead! Even though we're playing second fiddle on budget, special effects, and just about everything else. I've been having a huge amount of fun producing this movie, with i hope some enjoyable scenes and imagery.

Thanks to everybody who has been filmed so far, and those due to be filmed. As the production time is quite lengthy i wanted to give all the cast shot so far a look at what they had contributed to here. I hope you enjoy this little tease and preview.

Jedi Louise and Serenity Kristan-Faulds.
Partee and  Ali Lancrae meet the Jedi.

Crow and Rachel Swallows.

Serenity, Jabba, and Droid.

Yes..This is the Droid she's Looking for! Louise Kristan-Faulds.

Scoundrel..Jinx Jiersen.

Kelli Kristan and Rachel Avro.

Bewitched Difference, Rachel Swallows, and Crow.

Ashley ( Amosa Sugarplum. )
What!? You still want the 'real thing'? Here is the Youtube version of the brand new Teaser Trailer for Star Wars 'The Force Awakens' It is mind blowing!