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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Erotique Star Wars - Meet The Cast

Without the awesome cast for this film it would have fallen well short on the diversity needed to create the end result. Well known Star Wars looks, and characters were essential. Each cast member helped a huge amount to give the movie its finished look.

This Blog Post throws the spotlight on each cast member ( In no particular order. ). Giving them the thanks they deserve.

Serenity Kristan-Faulds
One of our fugitive jedi's goes under cover.

Louise Kristan-Faulds
Jedi L'ou. Making the best of things at Jabba's Palace.

Parthenea 'Partee' Mytilene.
Partee, along with Ali appeared in some of the earliest scenes to be filmed. One of two sexy slave girls out for some fun in the Tatooine Desert.

Ali Lancrae
Filming could not have got off to a better start. Ali and Partee providing us with two of the Pornstars sexiest actresses.

Edvard Taurion
Edvard plays a pretty devious and very horny guard of Jabba The Hutt!

Jinx Jiersen
Dashing scoundrel Jinx is on his way to rescue or capture our Jedi heroes?

Mirko Panacek
One area where we have the real Star Wars beat! Our Cantina Barman is much better looking!

VĂ©ronica HotBlond
We had the honor of giving Veronica her movie debut. As a sexy Cantina patron.

Bewitched Difference
Be plays a Cantina dancer girl. Who is more than happy to take part in the floor show!

Rachel Swallows
Rachel is one of the Cantina's naughty guests! Inspired by the live sex show!

Randy Cantina patron Crow. Soon gets into the swing of things.

Ashley ( Amosa Suger plum. )
A super sexy Cantina Dancer girl. Ashley really helped set the scene.

Moonie sexes up Jabba's Palace as a very hot Slave Girl!

Ryu Quasimodo
Ryu was such a natural! In his role as one of Jabba's horny henchmen.

Rachel Christine Avro
Rache provided us with even more of a sexy back drop to Jabba's Palace as another dancing Slave Girl.

Kelli Kristan
A Twi'lek with something extra! Kelli looked awesome as another of Jabba's girls.

Kirsten Smith
The sexiest Clone Trooper. Kirsten appears multiple times in many scenes of the movie. More from her in part 2!

Katina Cazalet
Kat not only provided yet another sexy slave girl for Jabba. But also played iconic characters Boba Fett and Darth Vader!

Yana Grau
A suitably sexy cameo for Yana. getting the party started in Jabba's Palace!

Sam Hanks
Sam landed to watch the threesome in the Cantina being shot with Be, Rachel, and Crow. We wanted to give him a role though. So he put together this awesome outfit. Appearing as a Cantina guest.

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