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Monday, January 5, 2015

Return To Jabba's Palace - Star Wars Sex Video!

With a running time of over 30 minutes, and lots of sex already crammed into the main movie 'Encounter On Tatooine' space for even more hot action was at a premium.

I was not worried though, as i had decided way back at the beginning of the Star Wars project to also release some 'stand alone' movies to focus some more on the guest stars in action.

There will be two sex videos representing the the first movie ( part 1 ) taking a longer look at our guest stars, with extra unseen sex shots, and a more focussed view on our amazing cast.

After all, they looked just too awesome to be seen just once! We really wanted to show them again with extra screen time. So i hope you enjoy these return visits to The Cantina, and firstly Jabba's Palace.

This movie features closer looks at Ryu and Moonie, along with Kelli Kristan and Rachel Avro. Plus a few deleted scenes featuring myself and Louise.