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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Movie - The Interview

The third movie from Erotique Porn Productions. A real team effort, saw Louisered Faulds write the story and script, also building the excellent film set, wonderfully acted by Arwen Juneberry, who also contributed with some amazing shot selections, and finally, acted, directed and edited by me, Serenity. This was great fun to make, and a real evolution for us. A nice, fun story, and some nice action!

Arwen is a pretty innocent young girl just out of college. Desperate for a job she soon finds herself at the mercy of a beautiful and powerful business woman. Serenity has Arwens fate in her hands....And before too long she has everything else this naive young girl has to offer!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Movie! - Arwen's Relaxation Break

Arwen takes a break from her sexy dance routine to read her steamy novel. However, a horny young girl, with an erotic story, meeting a dark well hung stranger proves too much to resist!

This is the second movie from "Erotique Porn Productions" We intend to cast many of our Erotique staff in our future projects. Any girls seeking roles would be most welcome to join our staff.

Also we have the exciting prospect of guests being able to aquire a "Porn Star Pass" by contacting Serenity kristan, or Louisered Faulds, to feature in our movies!This along with private movie commissions for couples gives many exciting new aspects to our club's future.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On The Wrong Side Of Town - Hard & Rough Cut

A new more condensed version of the movie came out this week.So far, it's seen twice the popularity in a fraction of the time..and see's us well and truly off on our learning curve of what works, and what does not!

I am delighted to have been contacted in SL by people i've never met passing on very kind words about the video. Also well respected SL pornstars and film makers too.

I know for sure, we are entering into a fun, interesting, and sexy SL community. I hope to contribute much more to it, and enjoy every moment!

See the new cut of the movie below.

Bit Torrent Link

Jennnna Jameson Review's Our Movie!

I was extremely flattered, and blown away by Jennnna's review on her popular Blog.

Read Jennnnna's Blog Entry Here.

I urge everybody to view her latest movie below which is already a massive hit online. I love it..even if it does make me yearn for my partner when she's offline! Giggles.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet The Madame - Serenity Kristan

Serenity or Sere to all her friends is one of the two co-owners of Club Erotique. Sere has the skill of marrying sexy sophistication with that girl next door look the clients crave. We all wish Sere lived next door to us! This dark haired beauty from South West England has the look and the interactive skills to have made her one of the most successful girls in the business. If you want the best..look no further than her delectable charms

Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet The Madame - Louisered Faulds

Flame-haired Louisered (Lou to her friends) is one of the two co-owners of Club Erotique. Lou is a true redhead displaying the passion for which they are well renowned. Her imagination and scope for fantasy has made her much in demand from clients seeking the ultimate thrill. She also has a great wit which leads to some great banter amongst the girls and clients at the club.

Lou is an english beauty not to be missed, embodying the very ethic of Club Erotique

Meet The Erotique Manager - Seductress Melody

Seductress, or Mel as she prefers to be called, is a sensuous and passionate Canadian lady. Her motto is to enjoy life to its fullest, and she is doing just that here at Club Erotique. This courtesan has sophistication and charm, provides clients with conversation that is articulate and provocative, and offers them an erotic experience they do not soon forget. Come by and check her out, perhaps she might tell you one of her many fantasies.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to a world of fantasies

Hi this is Lou here. Known inworld as Louisered Faulds and co-owner of Club Erotique with Serenity. This blog is an exciting new development for us and we aim to use it to include information about the club such as events and competitions and a whole range of features .

We want to use it to explore and discuss the desires and fantasies of our clients and staff if you have any graphic erotic encounters you wish us to include just drop them in the mailbox at the club and we will be happy to publish them here. We want to promote an ideal world for your fantasies both in-world and out

By the way any tastefully erotic pictures will also be welcome

Welcome To Club Erotique's Blog

Hi all.

A warm welcome to our guests.

It's our hope that with this web site you'll be able to follow news, events, or see just what you missed at Club Erotique!

Remember, if you are away from Second Life this can be hopefully a fun place to visit to share moments from the clubs activities or to learn of upcoming events, contests, or offers.

Also we'll be featuring exclusive content such as video, and photographs of our beautiful girls. So please pay us regular visits here..and of course at the club!