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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Erotique's Star Wars Movie Is Progressing....

Serenity On The Cantina Set.

The real Star Wars Episode 7 is being filmed in England right now.  So too is Erotique's Star Wars! So...Our movie may not be as good as the real thing. However, I don't believe JJ Abrams directing, ( Or even George Lucas! ) looks anywhere near this good in a Bikini. I'm taking comfort from that, and taking whatever i can get!

As you can see from my pic on the movie set above, we're shooting the 'Cantina' scenes at the moment. This portion of the movie has already had some great Pornstars group members shot on it. With Ashley ( Amosa Sugarplum. ), and Jinx Jiersen appearing. I hope within the next week Mirko Panacek, Crow, Rachel Swallows, and Bewitched Difference too will be added to the ever growing star studded line up. With Ali Lancrae and Partee filmed previously. Taking the cast filmed so far to nine.


Due to real life, and a busy Second Life too, and hopefully trying to do the movie right, the film is not a quick process, and anybody cast has not been forgotten about. We will call you, and give you plenty of notice when your scenes come up.

Making Star Wars History. Yes! English Actors Play Good Guys! Super Sexy Louise Kristan-Faulds.

I hope you enjoyed this little update.

Serenity. xox