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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The New Erotique : Escort Info

We have decided to go back to our roots for the New look Erotique.

Rather than just be a venue for events we wanted to go back to being a centre for sensual entertainment and enjoyment.

We will be welcoming guests for intimate 'at home' events as well as offering a range of sensual activities incorporating photography, videos and personal services.

You may wish to come along for an intimate chat, dance or even watch Sere and Louise in action. This would be open to anyone but tips and donations would always be welcome.

If you wish a more 'private session' with either or both of us we can accept bookings based on the following rates.

Escort Rates.

30 mins L$2,000 each.
1 hour L$3,500 each.

Rates can be negotiated for Threesomes involving us both. x

Erotic or sexual Photo session with Sere or Louise (or both) : 2000L$

Erotic or sexual Video session with Sere or Louise (or both) : 5000L$

Negotiable rates for threesome or group activity.

Photo or video sessions  for non sexual activity (eg glamour shoots and profile pictures) can also be arranged.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Erotique News : Pornstars Parties Moving To New LM

Picture by Louise Kristan-Faulds.

We're sorry to announce the last round of weekend Pornstars parties at Club Erotique was our last as hosts. Myself and Louise would like to say a huge thank you to every guest of Club Erotique's Pornstars Parties over the years since they began. Also a big thank you to every person who donated to Club Erotique during that time. Helping to keep the place funded. We feel very proud to have helped bring the Pornstars community together during our time as a venue on the scene, and helping to launch the groups regular party scene.

It's been amazing to see the events at Erotique grow and evolve. Which began five years ago when we joined the second Life Porn scene. Thanks have to go to Candi Mendle who was our early Pornstars DJ getting things started, and of course our present day one Yana Grau. Who has not only helped deliver a reliable and regular event for the whole scene, but also built the current party venue and it's various themed versions.

New Party Venue 'Club Yana'.

The good news for regulars of Club Erotique parties is much will remain the same. The Friday and Sunday Parties will continue, and be held in familiar surroundings. As Yana is to continue as DJ and host, and the present club design moved to Yana's own location. Re branded as 'Club Yana'.

Club Erotique's New Direction.

Club Erotique will remain too! It will never close. It is very special to us. It has existed in many forms over many years. Prior to becoming a party venue for Pornstars it was a high class escort club. Louise and I hope to take Erotique back to its roots. Creating an intimate Escort Club and social Lounge, for our friends, at a new location.

We hope to have a lot of fun there and new adventures together with our guests. Erotique over the years has also diversified into a Photography and Movie Studio too. This is also something we really want to continue to focus on, and look forward to making a big part of our future plans.

We both hope to see you at future Pornstars parties.

Best wishes. Serenity and Louise. x