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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pornstar Party - Leather & Latex Night.

Another themed night, saw some very hot Latex and leather, from Jinx's bad boy biker look and his leather Aurora's see thru latex fetish wear, Also Quinn's stunning outfit all made for a very hot and heavy nights dancing to DJ Candi's tunes.

The event managed to support itself due to 2 very kind donator's. Thankyou so much, we very much want to offer a prize at these nights, and donations make this possible. Kisses them!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 2 Blondes - New Photoset on Flikr

Ive just had a lot of sensual pleasure posting a new Photoset entitled the 2 Blondes on my Flikr pages. For the full set click the link below

The Beautiful Serenity

Sometimes you catch the perfect light, sometimes you know the moment is right. I hope blog readers you will allow me to indulge myself and post this picture of my wife in all her glory. She is a beautiful lady.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Very Erotique PornStar Party!

The 2011 Party Season @ Erotique Gets Off To A Star Studded Start!

We kicked off with our first event of 2011 on Friday 21st of january. I was thrilled to see so many big names and hot bodies! We would love to keep these parties going, and increasingly get more ambitious with our plans, thinking outside the box is what we love to do, and we hope future events can reflect that, with some exciting, hot, and diverse themes and contests.

Congrats to Sleepy, who looked cute, adorable, and just plain cuddly! And went home with the top prize for her bunny costume at out PJ Party.

Big thanks to everybody who helped the party get going, and showed support by donating to our club, and to our wonderfully sexy DJ Candi. We're going to have some fun, wild times in 2011.

I decided i may as well be constructive during my perv cam' here's some of the results!

Rora & Quinn ..Make a perfect centre piece for the dance floor!

Arwen's come to bed look..complete with Baby Doll For The PJ Party.

God Bless The Inventor Of Baby Doll's!

Hot DJ Candi, Hot Tunes, Hot Sun Set.

Quinn & Aurora Soak Up The Sunset.

Come And Get It! Who's Who Of SL Porn @ Club Erotique

We took delivery of our Who's Who vendor over night. So, any Pornstars not yet having a copy, are welcome to drop by and collect your copy of the book...Quite likely you can watch me and Arwen wiggle our asses while you do so!

Click Here For The Club Erotique SLURL

Friday, January 21, 2011

Party Time At Erotique 3pm SLT 01/21/11

Good news Folks. Erotique's Parties are back! The setting is the new roof deck at Club Erotique. The First one is tonight at 3PM SLT. The Theme is best in PJS and Sleepwear. The delectable Candi will be DJing and there will be a $L500 for best outfit. So come visit us and have fun at the most exciting club around!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sex Shows At Erotique

As always we want to make your visit to Erotique a truly arousing experience. Our girls can now offer on-stage girl on girl action for those discerning clients who love the sight of sapphic pleasures. If you are interested in seeing such a show ask one of he girls for a ratecard or contact Sere or Lou for details

Friday, January 14, 2011

Domestic Hobbies

You know sometimes you come home and yr wife is pursuing her favourite hobby. I came home the other night and caught Sere indulging in hers ..Pleasuring Cock! So i thought what the heck..I love photography so I will take a few shots. Heres an example of our combined efforts. I hope you like.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Disciplining Of Sere

You know there come a time in a girls life when she has to crack the whip. Sere has been getting up to no good of late. Late night partying, mixing with all kinds of unsavoury individuals. She keeps coming home with the smell of sex either cock or pussy on her. So I decided she needs some discipline. My long suppressed dome tendencies came to the fore and I took her in hand (literally)

I dressed in my best leathers dusted off the horsewhip and paddle and hung her best silks close by. When she arrived home she looked shocked and not a little aroused to see me dressed in my domme gear. I ordered her to dress in the silks and bow before me. I then attached a brand new collar around her neck The rest is for all to see

1. Sere in silks

2.Sere in silks bows before Arwen

3.Whipping her softly the smatter of pain

4.Applying a little more force

5. making her scream

6. Spanking the bitch

7. Loving that ass

8. Giving her a taste of me

9. Fingering her getting her nice and wet

10 Eating that pussy

11. Tongueing deep

12. Fingering her again from the rear

13 Rubbing clits

14. Getting down and Dirty

15 naked Sere in nadu

16 Mistress and sub

Something tells me Sere has developed a liking for being sub. Sounds like our relationship has taken a whole new twist!

Arwen Juneberry