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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Disciplining Of Sere

You know there come a time in a girls life when she has to crack the whip. Sere has been getting up to no good of late. Late night partying, mixing with all kinds of unsavoury individuals. She keeps coming home with the smell of sex either cock or pussy on her. So I decided she needs some discipline. My long suppressed dome tendencies came to the fore and I took her in hand (literally)

I dressed in my best leathers dusted off the horsewhip and paddle and hung her best silks close by. When she arrived home she looked shocked and not a little aroused to see me dressed in my domme gear. I ordered her to dress in the silks and bow before me. I then attached a brand new collar around her neck The rest is for all to see

1. Sere in silks

2.Sere in silks bows before Arwen

3.Whipping her softly the smatter of pain

4.Applying a little more force

5. making her scream

6. Spanking the bitch

7. Loving that ass

8. Giving her a taste of me

9. Fingering her getting her nice and wet

10 Eating that pussy

11. Tongueing deep

12. Fingering her again from the rear

13 Rubbing clits

14. Getting down and Dirty

15 naked Sere in nadu

16 Mistress and sub

Something tells me Sere has developed a liking for being sub. Sounds like our relationship has taken a whole new twist!

Arwen Juneberry


  1. Okay.

    That was just fucking hot.

    Arwen, can I borrow your pet for an hour or so?

  2. I'm liking what I see here. But no fair in not sharing!! Maybe one day we'll trade our pets :)

  3. Hey if this is discipline then count me in!!! 0.o

  4. Awwww..This week started soooo well too! LOL