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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We are really happy to have put together a brand new hangout, club house, and party venue for our friends and guests to enjoy. Sere & Arwen's Ranch is part of our Erotique Group, which has been providing many hot nights and a lot of fun for many years in SL. This is not a Night Club, or any traditional kind of club. It's got a care free, fun vibe going on and is pretty much anything goes! With plenty of spots to have fun with friends, partners, or strangers even! We love it, and have already had  a lot of fun there!

All Pornstar's are welcome. Bring along friends and guests too, the more the merrier. We will be hosting parties, but there is still lots to do even if you just land with a friend or two, or six ( if you visit the orgy bed! )

What have we got at the Ranch House?

A Outdoor Dance Area In The Corral, for parties and events. DJ's are welcome to contact us and Hostesses too for any number of parties, we want the place to be buzzing as often as you want. We're planning hot, fun themes and activities lots of which will be fitting for Pornstar's. Anybody can dance for tips at events in a freelance style,  on our sexy "7 Sins" dance balls.

Fun Spots and sex areas are in good supply with, a JR Sex Car, TNT Orgy Bed catering for seven at a time! Many HSF objects, such as Hay Wagon's, mail boxes, and sofa's. A Sex Pool table in the main building, and lap dance chairs. Out buildings too have sex engines including TNT hay piles!

We also offer a photography studio with custom back drops, or green screen. A studio we ourselves use and create many of the pics and movie scenes shot against green screen in our productions.

Another great feature of the complex is the cinema, playing adult movies, and the latest DVD releases. The Cinema Suite comes equipped with Sofa bed! Lap dance chair, Cadillac sex couch, and a girls box Lesbian rug. The Girls box being the engine used to shoot Pandora's Box, Pron, and Web Cam Voyeur movies.

We'll be posting more pics, and more info very soon, but i hope this has served as a introduction to our new playground!

Serenity & Arwen. xoxox


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Pixie Rain parties at Erotique.
We had a last minute, impromptu sort of party last Friday. With our sexy Pornstar Hostess Dani, and DJ Alex Latino making up our team for the new season of parties at Erotique. We hope we can spread the word, that there will be a Pornstar Party every Friday at 12.30pm Second Life Time!

Alex Latino DJ's outside the Erotique studio.

The party venue is down on the seafront on Club Erotique's Studio Beach. The dance floor is just the start of the fun! Guest are more than welcome to enjoy the pool, with its various anims and menu's, our JR Sex car if you're the brave exhibitionist type! Or a little more secluded fun in our sea front cottages, with TNT and Sexgen rugs inside.

Here's a selection of party pics from last friday....

Hostess Dani lets a lucky guest have a smooch!
Arwen shakes her...stuff.
Serenity's Blouse struggles to survive the party.
Pornstar Producer, and Erotique Co Owner, Louise gives those sexy legs a work out!
Pixie Rain, always gives us great movies..and great moves too!


Saturday, October 1, 2011


As well as a new intimate little strip club. Where we still offer the same sexy experiences, lap dances, and private times in our escort suites. We now have a more exclusive and relaxing ground area at Erotique.

On the ground you'll find a  beach, pool, numerous spots to have fun and relax, such as our little seaside cottages, which feature TNT and Sex gen rugs.

This area is for partying, fun, photo shoots, filming, chilling out, and hanging out. We will also be hosting events and Pornstar parties down there too. :)

Friday, September 30, 2011


Movie Director Lestat Draconia visited Club Erotique recently, and fell for our delicious dancer Dani. So much he got it all on film! The movie is well worth a watch, and Lestat is a true up and coming producer on the SL Porn scene. WATCH THE MOVIE HERE.

The movie was shot entirely on location at Club Erotique, in the strip club and Escort Suites.

Erotique Escort suites now boast the amazing Sevensome, TNT Orgy bed, as well as the regular TNT bed.

Look out for coverage of the very latest Erotique can offer with even more facilities to have fun with our girls, film, or photograph. xx


Club Erotique Dancer and Porn Starlet "Dani" appeared recently in movie director Thorgal's "Heavenly" production. Click here to watch! Amazingly, out the same week as Serenity and Arwen's movie, The Widow, which also featured a naughty Priest! Watch that movie HERE!

Oh yessss....Erotique girls are capable of such temptations!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Erotique Resort Resident Alex Latino made great use of the Club's facilities recently. Inviting sexy blonde Porn Star "Ayara Illios" over and putting this great porn photoshoot together. The Pool area features some great animations, a Hot Tub, Sex air bed, and other poses to help you chill out and have a blast with friends. The Pool is open to all guests, and visitor's, and loft renter's too of course consider this area part of their home.

The whole set depicts a pool boy getting lucky with a hot babe as she sunbathes floating in the pool.

You can see the whole set on Alex's Flickr pages HERE!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Sexy Erotique girl "Dani" posed for Jinx this week at Club Erotique, and wow! He's delivered some hot, sexy, and stunning high quality shots, yet again! Thankyou Jinx. xx

Myself, Arwen, and Louise are all very proud of Dani, who lives and works at the Club's resort complex. It's our hope we can guide her all the way to being a top Porn Star, model, and have her achieve all she wants at Erotique.

Dani has been dubbed "a chip off the Juneberry block" as she has a little of myself and Arwen's looks about her! We hope to feature her in our movies, and would welcome any approaches by other director's or photographers. To shoot her at the club.

Dani combines the cute girl next door looks with those of a curvy sexy dancer and Porn starlet. Delighting all guests at the club, and winning many admirers through her modelling and film work already. She's sure to be a big attraction joining Sere and Arwen at our approaching porn star parties at Club Erotique.

Serenity Juneberry. xx

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Club Erotique is delighted to have a another English girl joining fellow Brit's Louise, Serenity, and Arwen.

Dani joined us this week. After i met her via Pornstar's chat, it's been a pleasure to help, and guide her. Seeing her do so well in such a short time. As well as wowing guests on stage and off! ( if you get my drift. ) Dani is also an Erotique Porn Star. An actress to watch and follow as we prepare for a new season of SL Porn. We will be casting her in our own productions. But, i hope she can enjoy a fun, and exciting time shooting with many other Director's too.

Pictures by Pel Beaton - From the movie "Casting Dani".

She has just finished shooting her first movie ( screen shots seen accompanying this post. ) , and i believe her combination of cute, innocent looks combined with sexy curves in all the right places ensures a long and fun career at Erotique and on screen too. WATCH CASTING DANI - THE MOVIE HERE!!!

Come and meet, chat, and enjoy watching Dani at Club Erotique...who knows..if you're very nice to her she may fall right into your lap! ( If you're sat in the right chair! ) 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Erotique Madame Arwen Juneberry..Knows her way around our loft's..drop in and see her or Serenity at Erotique and ask for a tour!

If you thought Erotique was just about visiting a sexy club, then think again..We have a rapidly growing community at the Club Erotique Resort. Residents enjoy full access to the beach and various hot spots for romantic and sexy encounters around the resort.

Erotique is an active location for film shoots and photo shoots. reflected by the majority of residents being Second Life pornstars..So you can imagine how they party! Or of course you can also retreat to your own secluded skybox loft. Exclusively designed for us by Co Owner Louise.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


New Arrival : The Sexy Brazilian Curvy Beauty,  Priscila Balogh..All set to wow guests at the club.

We've been busy building the Erotique Resort, beach, dance floor, cave, and Strip Club..

We've now re opened the main Pole Dancing and Lap Dancing, and Escort Club Building. We're recruiting new girls, and welcome any IM's in world from those wishing to dance, or escort at the club. We're happy to see any girl who feels she has what it takes to be an Erotique girl..From inside and outside the SL Porn scene.

Guests can look forward to usual hot times, hot girls, parties, sexy events, and all manner of thrilling erotic moments at Club Erotique. In our new Sleazy strip club, on the beach, or in one of our many well equipped romantic or hot sexy spots around the resort.

The Blog will be given a new lease of life to cover these new developments and happenings. So please make sure you visit us here..and in World!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Star Studded Porn Star Party! - Best In White

We had "Best In White" at Club Erotique, on Friday the 18th.

Wow! What a night! I think it must have been the hottest crowd we've ever had at Erotique. A host of stars danced to DJ Candi's tunes, and to top it off we had a 4 way tied contest win, to see even more people go home happy, with a little something.

I've split the party coverage between two blogs, here and over at the Serenity & Arwen's Blog too. See the link at the foot of the post.

I hope you enjoy these snaps of the party. :)

Beautiful Arwen.

Erotique Parties are worth it just to see Quinn's amazing ....outfits!

Smoking hot..Nicki looking sexy, and sultry.

I got pig tails, I'm in white, and i still can't nail the Innocent look!

Quinn bends over..Ema looks on..OMG! No wonder SuicideGirl can't kick her 40 carrots a day habit!

Sweet Candace!

I'm a lucky girl! Arwen makes me google a thesaurus again!
..... alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous,bewitching, charming, comely, cute,dazzling, delicate, delightful,
Those will do for now. :)

More Pics at.....