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Friday, February 7, 2014

New Erotique Porn Movie : Kat's Anatomy

Poster Photography : By Louise Kristan-Faulds.

This one is an unashamed Porn/Sex Video! But i hope it has plenty of fun content, and it's high on concept enough to stand out a little and be seen as a fun and entertaining addition to the Erotique catalog. it was certainly fun to make. If i get hot editing it, i know it's kind of working! I got very i hope you enjoy it too!

It's a movie designed from the ground up to have a big input from all it's Producers, the Erotique Girls, Louise, Katina, and myself. We all built the sets. Myself and Louise came up with the concept and story. Katina and Louise worked on the Photography sequences of the film, with Kat making and editing poses, and Louise's photography being the final product and incorporated into the video in a couple of sequences. I did the filming, directing, and editing. So it's really my favourite kind of project. Real team work.

The main cast consists of Katina Cazalet, Luke Lancaster, Louise Kristan-Faulds and myself ( Serenity Kristan-Faulds ) . Although we have some extra hot cameo appearances and guest stars. Including our Club Erotique Pornstars XXX Factor winners, Ivori Faith and Vince Lukather. Shae Bellambi, Lou Moonlight, and Mariann Beres. Plus a very special appearance by Miss Emily!

Huge thanks to our cast, who looked incredible!

I would also like to thank Lisa, from Warm Animations. Who supplied us with the movies animations. Thanks to her generous sponsorship we were of to a great start and able to make this hot movie.

See more screen shots, and watch the movie after the jump!!!