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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Erotique Gallery : Grand Opening Pictures!

We had something a little different this week at Erotique. Our Sunday Party moved for one week only, from our club venue, into the new Gallery and Studio building. To mark its Grand Opening. Some hot Pornstars featured not only on the walls as exhibits, but on the dance floor too! The ones on the walls are still there! You're welcome to drop in and check them out 24/7 at the Erotique Gallery ( Click Here For A TP In World. )

As for the party itself, i grabbed a few photos to show you what you missed if you could not make it. We all had a great time, i very much enjoyed the added eroticism possible camming guests and wall art at the same time. Some hot guests on show made it a party to remember! If you need further proof....

More SLebrity Pornstars After The Jump!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Erotique Gallery and Studio Open Today

Come and join us on Sunday July 7th For our grand opening Party at 1.00pm SLT. Or drop in when you can. We're open right now!

Our brand new studio has been in use a little, Louise has been turning out some awesome pictures, and it sits just above our Gallery, which opens today officially. Launched in grand style though, on Sunday with our regular party being moved there to celebrate. The upstairs Studio also incorporates the "Pornstars Walk Of Fame" Stars. Which you may remember, gives a star award for each cast member of our Erotique Porn Movie Productions.

The pictures exhibited in the gallery right now were invited for the launch, and cover 12 photographers on our scene. You'll find info vendors there permanently informing you how to get your pictures featured. Primarily that's simply by uploading to our "Erotique Reflections" Flickr group. Once your pic is in that group, it's submitted to the gallery.

Our DJ Yana will be there today and our regular Sunday Pornstars Party will be moved for one week only to the Gallery for the grand opening! Look out for SLURL's and party invites in The Sexiest® Pornstars Second Life Group. So make a date Sunday July 7th 1.00pm SLT!

No, i'm not a permanent Exhibit! I'm just doing a picture to show the gallery.

The Studio

We have installed a brand new studio set up, which gives us far more flexibility in the range and type of shots we are able to produce. The recent popular 'Sere in the grass' shot is one example of the images we have shot.

We are fully equipped with a range of poses, lighting and background options which gives us the ability to try any concept or theme.

We love trying new ideas out so however off the wall your idea give us a try and we will see what we can do.

We're accepting clients right now for studio shoots. Just contact Louise Silverweb, or Serenity Juneberry in world.