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Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Stars "Envy" and "Suff" On Our Walk Of Fame!

With the release of "Vibrations In Time" Watch it HERE! We've added two new stars to our "Walk Of Fame" ( Click here to visit in Second Life. )

The new names are, Leannan Lockjaw-Tempest ( Suff. ), and Envy Watts. Two sexy stars of our movie, who really deserve their star status! We were lucky enough to be down on our beach when both girls landed to take pics on top of their stars! It was very pleasant viewing and i was really happy to see these uploads by them on Flickr.

You can read more on Suff's Blog Right HERE!

Envy and Suff star shot_002

Red Heads

Envy and Suff star shot_003

Envy and Suff star shot_001

Just a re cap. For those who may have heard differently. The Walk is a thank you to our movie cast, nothing more. Every star on it belongs to a cast member of a previous Erotique production. That's how the names qualify to be there. :)