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Thursday, February 9, 2012


I could not ignore Louise Silverweb's latest flickr uploads. Louise is the greatest friend i've had in Second Life, she's also a beautiful, talented woman responsible for many elements in our movies and had a huge hand in us doing so well at the Sexiest Awards recently.

Louise has co owned Erotique with me for over two and a half years. She will soon be a regular contributor to this blog, but while she sorts her publishing account out, here is her latest picture release.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As of February 7th 2012, we now have two Private Sky box Loft's available to rent at our parcel.  These are fully furnished loft's, with Xpose threesome Lap Dance Chair! ( should you get lucky and need 2 lap dancers ) Full menu cuddle/sex sofa, and a Sexgen sex bed. For the girls we also install a Girls Box lesbian rug. If you've seen the movies Pandora's Box, or Pron this is the engine we used on those films!

Renters have access to our TNT Orgy bed.
Group membership while you rent also gives you free access to our pay per use facilities. Our TNT Orgy bed, and our Cinema Lounge. Where you can enjoy the latest DVD releases for free, and of course a selection of adult movies. While using our Lap Dance chairs or Sofa bed, or Lesbian Girls Box rug.

Contact : Serenity Kristan ( Juneberry ) , Louisered Faulds ( Louise Silverweb ) , Or Arwen Juneberry in world for info.

Cinema Lounge, Available to Renters.