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Friday, November 14, 2014

All New! 'Jungle Erotique' - Pornstars Party Venue

Club Erotique is proud to announce its latest themed look.

The Erotique Jungle.

Designed byYana Grau the jungle theme is the latest in a long line of themes including the Beach, Pool party, Halloween, Sleazy strip club, Gallery,sci fi and standard.

We have plans for many more.

All these themes can be created at the press of a button making Erotique the ideal party venue to suit any mood.

Louise Kristan-Faulds. x

News From The Set Of 'Erotique Star Wars'

From The Movie Set.

Update On Our Movie : We had a little break due to RL and SL commitments, but we're now back into production on Erotique Star Wars. Eight people have so far been filmed for the project. With many more appearances still to come.

As a Star Wars fan certain things and styles had to be in place for me in this movie. It is the reason i wanted to do it after all. Which represents a lot of work in post production, IE Special Effects. It of course adds more time to the film project.

It is a Star Wars story, but it is also a Second Life Porn Movie. So a balance has to be struck. Sex scenes means more running time than telling just a story only, and going from A to B with it. The reverse would also be true, just filming sex in a star wars theme too would be simple. However we really wanted to do both, have a fun little story, and plenty of sex too!

With this in mind i am pretty sure the film will be in two parts. That won't be one movie chopped in half and both uploaded at the end. It'll be 2 finished movies, probably released a week or two apart. With the possibility of a 3rd stand alone 'Sex Montage' movie to give some of the amazing guest stars some more camera time if i feel i have had to edit out too much to make things flow.

Technical details, such as my hard drive space means i am completing sections as i go, in order. So if you are cast and happen to be in a latter section i am sorry for the wait, but i have not forgotten you.

So....If you are a cast member, or a star wars fan, or a sex fan ( who isn't? ), we will  get this finished! Myself and Louise are working hard to do it. We just have to juggle all our Second Life projects, some other types of fun we want to have too in world, and our RL.

Best Wishes. Serenity. x