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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We are really happy to have put together a brand new hangout, club house, and party venue for our friends and guests to enjoy. Sere & Arwen's Ranch is part of our Erotique Group, which has been providing many hot nights and a lot of fun for many years in SL. This is not a Night Club, or any traditional kind of club. It's got a care free, fun vibe going on and is pretty much anything goes! With plenty of spots to have fun with friends, partners, or strangers even! We love it, and have already had  a lot of fun there!

All Pornstar's are welcome. Bring along friends and guests too, the more the merrier. We will be hosting parties, but there is still lots to do even if you just land with a friend or two, or six ( if you visit the orgy bed! )

What have we got at the Ranch House?

A Outdoor Dance Area In The Corral, for parties and events. DJ's are welcome to contact us and Hostesses too for any number of parties, we want the place to be buzzing as often as you want. We're planning hot, fun themes and activities lots of which will be fitting for Pornstar's. Anybody can dance for tips at events in a freelance style,  on our sexy "7 Sins" dance balls.

Fun Spots and sex areas are in good supply with, a JR Sex Car, TNT Orgy Bed catering for seven at a time! Many HSF objects, such as Hay Wagon's, mail boxes, and sofa's. A Sex Pool table in the main building, and lap dance chairs. Out buildings too have sex engines including TNT hay piles!

We also offer a photography studio with custom back drops, or green screen. A studio we ourselves use and create many of the pics and movie scenes shot against green screen in our productions.

Another great feature of the complex is the cinema, playing adult movies, and the latest DVD releases. The Cinema Suite comes equipped with Sofa bed! Lap dance chair, Cadillac sex couch, and a girls box Lesbian rug. The Girls box being the engine used to shoot Pandora's Box, Pron, and Web Cam Voyeur movies.

We'll be posting more pics, and more info very soon, but i hope this has served as a introduction to our new playground!

Serenity & Arwen. xoxox