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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Erotique Girls Model For Spirit : Show Time.

Both myself and Louise were excited and happy when we were asked to model for Spirit Eleonara. We're both fans of Spirit's pictures and projects. She is somebody we admire greatly, and i got even happier when i found out the theme was a Burlesque one.

Spirit's words : I wanted to do a shoot that had a soft vintage feel to it...and I am a HUGE burlesque fan. I thought of backstage, after the show is over or before the show begins and the girls are spending time relaxing. I thought it might look something like this. Thanks soooo much to Serenity and Louise for joining me in this shoot and to Hard Rust for your input and help in designing it.

Photographer/Editor: Spirit Eleonara

Models: Serenity Juneberry, Louise Silverweb, Spirit Eleonara

The whole experience just underlined for me the quality, and class of Spirit's work. from landing on a flawless, and highly detailed set, to seeing the finished pictures, so full of atmosphere, and eroticism. It was a total pleasure to model for her, and i hope it won't be the last time.

Huge thanks to Spirit, and Hard Rust too for his part on setting up the set. and also Louise a beautiful fellow model.

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