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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blue Gallery Exhibition : Party & Launch!

Fresh from hosting The Sexiest® Pornstar Of July exhibition. The Erotique Gallery now has a general themed event. "Blue" Absolutely any picture inspired by Blue is welcome. Anybody can submit a picture at any time during the event and we'll host it and show it in the gallery.

Blue Erotique Gallery 3

As with The Sexiest® Pornstar Event, we'll be sharing any donations with the photographer of the winning picture. As judged by a panel we appoint at the close of the exhibit.

Blue Erotique Gallery 2

Pictures featured in the Blue event, must be unseen, and unreleased on Flickr, Blogs, or on-line. Contact myself ( Serenity Juneberry. ), or Louise Silverweb in world, for more info, or to submit a pic. Also check out the post HERE.

Blue Erotique Gallery 4

Blue Erotique Gallery 1

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