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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Star Wars Party #1 : @ Club Erotique

We had a truly awesome party to celebrate 'May The Fourth' at Club Erotique on Sunday with DJ Yana. What can i say!? I was blown away by the response for this whole event in the Pornstars Group.

In the party venue/gallery area I placed a dozen picture frames ready for the event. As you can see by the blog pics or if you attended the Star Wars party, I had to hastily add to this and ring the whole area to fit them all in. The response was that great!

I can only say a huge thank you to every party guest who helped make the event so special with their costumes and fun attitude. All the photographers, pose makers, set builders, models, and Pornstars who took part in the May 4th celebrations. You really made it a memorable day.

The Star Wars Party Pics will be seen across two posts this week. Today and tomorrow. I hope if you were there ( between my crashes. ) you'll be captured and featured on the blog. Enjoy the pics!

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