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Saturday, April 26, 2014

May The Fourth : Stars Wars Day At Erotique!

Feel The Force : By Serenity Kristan-Faulds. featuring serenity and Louise Kristan-Faulds. ( Pose By Louise. )

As many will know 'May The Fourth' is 'Star Wars Day' ( Next Sunday. ) To celebrate this a few Photographers on the Pornstars scene are working on top secret photography projects for inclusion in a special exhibition at Club Erotique. We'll also be holding our regular Sunday Gallery party with DJ Yana in a Star Wars themed environment hosting these themed photography works. All will be welcome to come along and join us. If you feel like dressing up as a Star wars character, a Sci Fi character, or just wear something hot and futuristic if you like! Or maybe just turn up naked or in a gold bikini? Anything goes!

I'd also like to invite any Pornstars member or Sexiest Flickr Group uploader/Flickr Photographers to join in and produce a Star Wars inspired picture for inclusion at the exhibit, and on the Pornstars Blog next Sunday. Send your images to me in Second Life. Or point me towards your Flickr URL's with a NC in world.

I really look forward to featuring you, and seeing you there! May The Fourth Be With You!

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