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Friday, October 23, 2015

Studio Erotique : 'Behinds' Behind The Scenes

Studio Erotique now has a brand new home. A joint Studio and Gallery complex. Which we will be turning into a centre for glamourous, creative, and erotic photography and video projects.

Feel free to contact myself or Louise Kristan-Faulds for your video or photography needs! Our studio is always happy to take on your commission's, dream projects, or pics.

We are happy to handle non adult, and adult projects alike. In the form of profile picture photography, glamour shoots, or any theme or style you wish. We will work with you to build the perfect setting, and design the perfect poses.

Video projects too can range from a 'PG' profile video to enhance your Second Life profile further, to a full on adult rated video featuring you, and your partner, or even partners! The choice is all yours.

Contact Serenity Kristan-Faulds or Louise Kristan-Faulds in world to make your dream shoots happen.

Pay us a visit right here....

See This Project on Flickr Right Here!

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