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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Force Will Awaken In Erotique's Star Wars Movie

With Star Wars 'The Force Awakens' teaser trailer making its debutrecently i thought it was a good time for Erotique Porn do some teasing of its own. With a selection of screen shots from our 'Erotique Star Wars Movie'. A Second Life porn fan film parody. Which should by the time of it's completion feature around 30 members of the SL porn scene, across a two part story.

My ( only ) hope....Is to have Part One out this December in time for Christmas ( But don't hold me to that! ) This i think is the one and only area i can get one up on JJ Abrams hugely anticipated movie ( Don't worry 'JJ' does not stand for Jar Jar. ). Releasing ours a full 12 months ahead! Even though we're playing second fiddle on budget, special effects, and just about everything else. I've been having a huge amount of fun producing this movie, with i hope some enjoyable scenes and imagery.

Thanks to everybody who has been filmed so far, and those due to be filmed. As the production time is quite lengthy i wanted to give all the cast shot so far a look at what they had contributed to here. I hope you enjoy this little tease and preview.

Jedi Louise and Serenity Kristan-Faulds.
Partee and  Ali Lancrae meet the Jedi.

Crow and Rachel Swallows.

Serenity, Jabba, and Droid.

Yes..This is the Droid she's Looking for! Louise Kristan-Faulds.

Scoundrel..Jinx Jiersen.

Kelli Kristan and Rachel Avro.

Bewitched Difference, Rachel Swallows, and Crow.

Ashley ( Amosa Sugarplum. )
What!? You still want the 'real thing'? Here is the Youtube version of the brand new Teaser Trailer for Star Wars 'The Force Awakens' It is mind blowing!

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