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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tatooine Encounter - Chapter One - Coming Soon!

Fingers crossed! Our first Star Wars movie is finished! As of the time of writing this i have the end credits to produce, then stitch all the edited sections together in a final render.

Obviously we have Christmas looming and i am taking a break from the computer for a few days. However we are on track to release before January 1st 2015, meaning if any actors wish to enter The Sexiest awards, all being well, you will be able to. Barring a disaster all should be ok!

This was going to be one epic single movie, but it soon became obvious the amount of cast, plot, and the volume of sex! Meant it could not be completed this side of new year or inside a desired running time. So this will be 'Chapter 1' Of 'Tatooine Encounter'. If you were cast and do not appear, you are in 'Chapter 2'.

All those cast members shot so far will be seen again in more focus in a separate stand alone video 'Erotique Star Wars - Revisited'. Which will return for a more in depth look at the sex, cast, and characters shot for the movie. Giving everybody involved extra screen time without the restrictions of the main movie. This should be released early in the new year, between Chapters One and Two.

Encounter On Tatooine - Chapter One. Ends on a cliff hanger. Meaning Chapter Two will pick up immediately where Chapter One left off. Introducing some new characters, and following the adventures of some of those seen in the first film.

I'd like to thank everybody who appeared in the first movie. You were amazing! The costumes and your enthusiasm made it an even more fun project to produce. Huge thanks also to Warm animations who helped to dial up the hotness with some superb donated animations for the film. Their support helped make it special.

Look out for more news right here on The Erotique Blog!

Serenity. xox

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