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Friday, November 23, 2018

Preview - Grand Tour III - Night Of The Giving Head.


It's been a while since Part 2. Where Sere & Lou got much needed cash for bar work, offered some memorable services, and dabbled in soliciting to pay for repairs to their trusty Camper Van in 'Cock Tales - Grand Tour Part 2'.

In 'Night Of The Giving Head' things could not be more different. With their Van running on empty in a run down almost apocalyptic looking town. Hold on to your butt's, because events take a darker, and horrific turn in Episode 3! Don't panic though! Things are just as dumb, fun, and sexy! In true Grand Tour parody style.

Out of fuel, and stranded in this desolate landscape, Serenity and Lou's vivid imagination and love of the Zombie genre takes over. The girls appetite for pop culture and the movies see's them accept their role in the apparent upcoming Zombie Apocalypse!

Will the girls kick 'Walker' ass!? Will they they be saved from the infected Zombies by the hot, handsome stranger ( Damien Godard. ) who comes to their aid?  Will they survive to continue their Grand Tour?

This has to be classed as largely fun and action, as well as a sex driven story. It's not wall to wall porn or sex. It's very much a 'Erotic Comic Book Adventure'. You don't have to turn any pages, just watch! The screen shots on this Blog Post are unedited, raw screen grabs from the movie. Which i hope help you see the tone, atmosphere, and looks of the new movie.

About The Project.

The project started out life in 2017. As an idea for a Halloween movie. I loved the title, and the concept, and when Halloween approached in 2018 i thought about producing the movie once again. Real life got in the way of that idea. Even though i missed out on producing a Halloween movie, I was still very keen to make this film.

As events in my favourite TV Show 'The Walking Dead' made the genre really exciting to me, and got the creative juices flowing some more. Of course, casting the amazingly talented, and hot Damien Godard as our co star also got myself and Lou's juices flowing in all other ways too!

We could not have hoped for a better Co Star. Damien is not only the ultimate eye candy Pornstar, but he's also a true professional. Amazingly helpful on set. Which is most appreciated when you're a busy director frantically shooting the hottest of scenes. We are very lucky to have got him for 'Night Of The Giving Head'. Thank you so much for everything Damien! From us both. x

I really hope you enjoy the movie. If you are looking for non stop sex, sorry, i hope future projects i have planned will be much more to your liking. If you're up for some fun though, and some sexy views, then give 'Night Of The Giving Head' a go!

The Grand Tour - Episode III - Night Of The Giving Head. Will be out this weekend!

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