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Monday, August 29, 2011


Sexy Erotique girl "Dani" posed for Jinx this week at Club Erotique, and wow! He's delivered some hot, sexy, and stunning high quality shots, yet again! Thankyou Jinx. xx

Myself, Arwen, and Louise are all very proud of Dani, who lives and works at the Club's resort complex. It's our hope we can guide her all the way to being a top Porn Star, model, and have her achieve all she wants at Erotique.

Dani has been dubbed "a chip off the Juneberry block" as she has a little of myself and Arwen's looks about her! We hope to feature her in our movies, and would welcome any approaches by other director's or photographers. To shoot her at the club.

Dani combines the cute girl next door looks with those of a curvy sexy dancer and Porn starlet. Delighting all guests at the club, and winning many admirers through her modelling and film work already. She's sure to be a big attraction joining Sere and Arwen at our approaching porn star parties at Club Erotique.

Serenity Juneberry. xx

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