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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Club Erotique is delighted to have a another English girl joining fellow Brit's Louise, Serenity, and Arwen.

Dani joined us this week. After i met her via Pornstar's chat, it's been a pleasure to help, and guide her. Seeing her do so well in such a short time. As well as wowing guests on stage and off! ( if you get my drift. ) Dani is also an Erotique Porn Star. An actress to watch and follow as we prepare for a new season of SL Porn. We will be casting her in our own productions. But, i hope she can enjoy a fun, and exciting time shooting with many other Director's too.

Pictures by Pel Beaton - From the movie "Casting Dani".

She has just finished shooting her first movie ( screen shots seen accompanying this post. ) , and i believe her combination of cute, innocent looks combined with sexy curves in all the right places ensures a long and fun career at Erotique and on screen too. WATCH CASTING DANI - THE MOVIE HERE!!!

Come and meet, chat, and enjoy watching Dani at Club Erotique...who knows..if you're very nice to her she may fall right into your lap! ( If you're sat in the right chair! ) 

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  1. Very beautiful ( not that as a British/Scottish resident that I am biased lol ) she is perfect !