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Monday, April 27, 2015

New Movie Release : Maid In The City 2 - Final Fantasies - Episode 2

My first plans for Maid In The City 2, was to have one movie, with many varied and brief sex scenes. Cramming in all the cast, then release a stand alone 'sex video' of all the hot bits left over on the cutting room floor.

However, i could not bring myself to stream line some very hot sex scenes, and we elected to go for a 2 part story with running times of around 22 and 23 minutes each. The viewers now get seven hot sex scenes featuring all our wonderful cast across two episodes. All the sex shot is embedded into the story.

Rachel Avro once again stars in the role of the Maid, and she is joined by myself ( Serenity Kristan-Faulds ) and Lunedor Oryl, cast members from the first 'Maid' movie. Along side Louise Kristan Faulds, Ali Lancrae, Parthenea 'Partee' Mytilene, and Charles Parker.

In episode 2, you'll find out who wins Rache the Maid at Ali's Auction House, You'll see more of the bidders sexual fantasies, and if she'll be re united with her former owner Serenity.

If you're a fan of The Avengers and movies like that, hopefully you'll be used to watching the end credits and looking for an extra bit! So please do on Maid In The City Part 2 - Episode 2. We have a fun and sexy 'Easter Egg' at the finale!

Rachel Avro played not only a starring role in this movie but was on board as an 'executive producer', with input on stories, scenarios, costumes, and sets. Making this movie a very special collaboration between her, myself, and Louise ( The regular 'Erotique Studio Team. ).

Hope you enjoy this one. x


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