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Friday, March 6, 2015

Erotique Sci Fi Party Today : Epic Prize Up For Grabs!

Celebrating the Sci Fi genre at Friday's Erotique Pornstars Party is not only going to be huge fun, but very rewarding for somebody in our Sci Fi Costume Contest!

Because thanks to the kindness of NLS Sci Fi Store we have an epic, and awesome prize to give away! A full scale Millennium Falcon! Which you can fly, or live in even!  Yes, I'm officially jealous of the winner already!!!

So please come along and join us, put on something cool, sexy, and Sci Fi! Or just come as you are to take a look. Everybody is welcome. We have a brand spanking new Space Station themed club to party in too, designed and built by today's DJ Yana Grau!

Sponsor And Prize! From NLS Sci Fi Store!

The Prize! A Full Scale Millenium Falcon!
The Contest Prize! Fly it, live in it, own it!

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