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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Studio Erotique : Flickr Gallery : Taking Clients.


A selection of recent photographs by the lovely and very talented Louise Silverweb. With four from myself to round things off below ( In a very nice gallery, because i just never get a chance to blog one of those. ).

We're about to step things up at our Erotique Gallery and Studio with new themes, exhibits, and photography projects, so expect lots of news and output soon.

If you'd like a shoot by Louise Silverweb or myself ( Serenity Juneberry. ), contact us in world for details.


Part 3 - Anger and Fear


Part 2 Sorrow

She reached out her hand

Part 1 - Lust

Wish You Were Here

Summer Serenity

The Sexiest® Flickr Group

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